Hello! We are Pearl Pop PH!We are a Metro manila based online shop that caters to the BTS PH ARMYs nationwide! This shop is co-owned by 2 ARMY sisters.Our shop has been running since Aug 28, 2019 and has processed more than 5000 transactions to date!We manage BTS + BT21 group orders directly from Korea, China, Japan, and occasionally from Taiwan, UK, and USA.We also sell the best finds for BTS related merchandise and custom goodies through our program - the #PearlPopLab

featured testimonies β™‘

"Can I just highlight that you have the best tracking system ever! I mean, thank you so, so much for taking the time out to give us weekly updates on the status of our items! Also, kudos to the team behind PearlPop! To more future budols! HAHA Borahae πŸ’œ"

"Since I started my ARMY journey, Pearl Pop PH has always assisted me in every Bangtan Budols I need to purchase. I don’t need to go through the anxieties that I might not buy a pre-order item because I know Pearl Pop PH is there to order it for me. Aside from that, responses are so quick! To Ms./Mr. -M, thank you for always answering my β€œhow much” questions, for providing me links, and for assisting me whenever I have problems in my orders. All in all, I will rate this shop 11/10!! You da best!!! β™‘ "

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All orders/invoices made from Dec 7, 2021 to present will be reflected through our new invoice system. Old orders that are still active will not be found in the portal.


For interested resellers, please e-mail us at [email protected] with the subject: RESELLER INQUIRY and message us the following:Name:
Where do you sell your items? (Instagram, twitter, facebook, website, offline, etc.)

Updated group order RELEASE DATES as of June 30

β˜… - with premium freebie included valid for our rewards promo
β™₯ - pre-order still open

β˜… BTS Deco Kit 2nd P.O.see N/L DOPin transit to PHJuly
β˜…β™₯ Sowoozoo DVD (2ndP)July 1 (non-pooling)June 9Jul-Aug
β˜…β™₯ Sowoozoo DigicodeJune 1June 9Jul-Aug
β˜…β™₯ Proof Anthology AlbumJun 15 / Jun 1 (Pooling)June 10-19Jul-Aug
β™₯ Yet To Come CDJuly 01June 17July~Aug
Proof merchandise (1st P/O)Jul 1June 21July~Aug
β˜…β™₯ Sowoozoo Blu-rayJune 1June 21Jul-Aug
β™₯ Left and Right CDJuly 01June 24July~Aug
β™₯ Tinytan Butter FiguresJune 30July 07-12Aug-Sept
β™₯ BTS Lyrics InsideAug 1Jul 08-16Aug~Sep
β˜…β™₯ Jack in the BoxAug 1Jul 29~Aug 7September
Proof merchandise (2nd P/O)Jul 30Aug 29Oct
Artist Made CollectionMar 1see following tablessee following tables
Butter Funko Pop (singles)Aug 1OctoberNov~Dec
Proof merchandise (3rd P/O)Aug 10Oct 6November
Butter Funko Pop (7-set)Aug 1/installmentDecemberFeb~Mar
Merch Box #8 Sets / TingiJul 15see updatesTBA
Membership Purchase Assistancefull payment requiredquarterlyTBA
Red Carving Earring, Guitar Pick Necklacein transit to PHJuly
Pajama, Jogger pants, Black Note & Cover Set, ARMYST Hoodyin transit to PHJuly
Hope pot setin transit to PHJuly-Aug
Mood Lamprelease startingJuly-Aug
Wind chimeJuly 07-14Aug-Sept
Side by Side Mini BagJuly 21Aug-Sept
Pillow, With You Hoodyreleasedon hand/in transit to PH
ARMY Jogger Pants, Brooch Setrecently releasedJuly~Aug
Bungeo-ppang Wind Chime, Guitar Pick Necklace, Red Carving Earring, Hope Pot SetJuly 6August
Pajama, ARMYST Zip-up HoodyJuly 14August
Mikrokosmos Mood LampAug 3September
SBS Mini BagAug 18September


✧ T&C updated as of Nov 2021 ✧
edit history:
Nov 2021 - payment deadline, penalties


⋆ DEADLINE OF ORDER: Order deadline depends on item/collection; we can accept orders as long as they are not yet sold out or they are available for pre-order from the manufacturer. Please check the caption of the post for the item you are ordering and look for the 'DOO' label.
⋆ Once order form has been submitted, cancellation/changes regarding your item/order are subject to strict approval. In any case you insist to cancel the submitted order, a fee of Php 300 will be charged for every 2 items in a single invoice. Cancellation when item is already secured/on hand are due for approval and if permitted, may be charged with at least 20% of the item price. If cancellation fee is not settled, the transaction will be posted as bogus and you will be blocked from transacting with our shop again in the future.
⋆ Changes in customer/shipping information are allowable until items are not yet on hand/sorted in the PH warehouse. If insisted during the last minute, fees (β‚±100 processing fee) may be charged.
⋆ Failure to send any down payment before set deadline (without approved extension) will result to auto-cancellation of order with a penalty of Php 300. If not settled, he transaction will be posted as bogus and you will be blocked from transacting with our shop again in the future.


⋆ Payment terms allowable are dependent on the active group order/item releases. Kindly check the caption under the post of the product that concerns your order.
⋆ You may pay in FULL for smoother & faster transactions and will only be recognized if proof is submitted as instructed in our invoice emails. If not followed carefully, your payment may not be acknowledged.
Only pay the required amount, anything of excess will be assumed as 'gratuity' and would not be refunded. If requested to be refunded, a processing fee of β‚±50 may be charged.
IMPORTANT NOTE: FAILURE TO MEET PAYMENT DEADLINE WILL RESULT INTO A WEEKLY PENALTY OF β‚±50 UNTIL PAYMENT IS MADE. If item isn't fully paid 30 days after its arrival (duration may be shortened if customer is unresponsive to reminders or have failed to inform the seller), order will automatically be cancelled and made available for other buyers. In addition, once cancellation is made, deposits made are no longer refundable. If charged with penalty, client is banned from transacting again with us until dues are settled.2. RELEASE DATE OF ITEMS in KOREA
⋆ Release dates are when the manufacturer will start shipping the items to our overseas address; release date is indicated in the corresponding post of the item you are ordering.
⋆ If release date is not specifically indicated by manufacturer/brand, processing/purchasing of regular pre-order items may take up to 2 weeks maximum.
⋆ Once processed, it takes the following amount of time for the cargo to arrive to the Philippines:
South Korea: 4-6 weeks
China: 4-6 weeks
Japan: 6-12 weeks
⋆ Kindly note that these are ESTIMATED only and we are never committing to any specific time or date of arrival/shipment. We appreciate your patience regarding this since delays may occur.
⋆ Once items arrive in our PH address, local shipments will start accordingly.
⋆ Please give the shop ample time to sort and pack everything to make sure we correctly and safely dispatch your items. Reminding everyone as well that late payment / last minute order or shipping changes will result to delayed shipment as we will be prioritizing based on when payments were made by customers.
⋆ COMBINED SHIPMENT: STRICTLY no combined shipments with other pre-orders/order numbers. This is to avoid confusion during packing, and to prevent storing of items for a long period of time. We would appreciate your compliance to this rule and avoidance of asking us repeatedly.
⋆ Orders under the same invoice number are shipped together; if in any case an item arrives earlier than some, the shop will only ship the order locally once all orders are complete.
⋆ For customers choosing same-day delivery or own booking option, notices for pick-up schedule will be done by the shop and will be sent repeatedly until customer is able to match the given schedule. If customer is completely unresponsive to our notices for a whole month, order/s may be cancelled completely without any refund as penalty for warehouse storing and labor fees.


Securing merch for BTS merchandise in general can be very competitive. Please manage your expectations but we exert effort to the best of our ability to secure everything you ordered. In any case we failed to do so, full refund is assured.


⋆ We pride ourselves in honesty, and transparency. We always ship out items that are ONLY in good condition and packaging unless disclosed to receiver before shipment. Since all items are shipped SEALED, we do not own any responsibility to missing/damaged items inside a sealed product unless buyer requests for the sealed items to be unsealed and inspected before overseas shipment.Return/exchange/refund will be addressed in accordance to these policies:
- if we shipped the wrong item/variation to you
- if your order/s were unsecured or sold out
- battery items with defect can only be exchanged if item is unsealed by our shop and was requested to be tested before shipping them out from overseas location to make sure of their quality, otherwise, it will remain sealed.
- damages/loss caused by the courier company will not be shouldered by the shop
- sealed packages that have a missing inclusion are beyond our control, thus will not be replaced or refunded
- several merchandise are shipped in its original outbox package; damages on the outbox are not part of exchangeable/refundable parts
All the aforementioned will only be acknowledged ONLY IF client is able to send an unboxing video in order to prove the condition being claimed. Please make sure that the unboxing video shows relevant parts starting from its original package condition upon receipt (sealed in its pouch/box/wrap) up to the part where concern is evident. Return/exchange/refund will proceed if claim is accepted upon video review.
As our service mainly covers 'pasabuy' or shipment procedures, the shop do not have any liabilities with product quality control since items are coming from overseas and will take a long amount of time to arrive-- risking the exchange/return policies of the original product company to be taken out of effect. As to why we only test products if requested by buyer, we conserve the original condition of the products we ship out and unsealing them is considered tampering with its original condition and puts our shop in liability for any caused damages upon unsealing.


Customers below 18 years old should be given consent by their parents before ordering. Submission of order form automatically states that you are either of age or a minor ordering with consent from their parents.


⋆ A reminder that the responsibility of our shop ends upon acceptance of your parcel by the designated courier. Any further concerns/claims regarding your order are only entertained 7 days after receipt of package.
⋆ The shop also has the right to refuse or discontinue service to anyone unreasonably displaying rude or offensive behavior.
⋆ Further terms applicable for special circumstances such as TINGI, POOLING, MEMBERSHIP, PURCHASE ASSISTANCES, KR ADD LENDING, etc. are found in their specific forms or in emails sent to concerned clients.


How to order?

If you need any clarification regarding an item, please send us an inquiry first through DMs. Submit an order form to order and wait for our confirmation email within 24 hours. Confirmation email will provide an invoice of your full due payment and our payment details. If you do not receive any in 24 hours, please follow up with us so we can double check if details entered were wrong.

What are your MODES of PAYMENT?

BDO, BPI, Security bank
GCASH, Paymaya
Palawan/Cebuana [discontinued due to quarantine]

What are your local shipping methods?

Metro Manila:
Same day shipping: Grab/Lalamove
1-3 days: Gogo Xpress, Fifth Express
1-5 days: Gogo Xpress, J&T, Ninja Van (through shopee)

How much is the shipping fee?

Shipping fee depends on number of items ordered, please dm to get an exact quotation.

Till when can I order?

Kindly check the post for the item you are interested in to see details regarding DOO (deadline of order).

Until when can I pay? Do you accept down payment?

We accept 50% down payment within 3 days after ordering, deadline of final payments vary depending on the item but is usually set after 4 weeks of ordering.

When is the ETA?

Most items are under pre-order and shipped from South Korea, China or Japan. After its release in the overseas address, international shipment takes the ff. time:
South Korea: 4-6 weeks
China: 4-6 weeks
Japan: 6-12 weeks

Email: [email protected]SMS/Whatsapp/Viber:
+63 917 885 5546
+63 917 887 5339

Below are the prices & inclusions if items/membership will be purchased by the shop:

TYPE 1βœ”βœ—βœ—β‚±1230
TYPE 2βœ”βœ”βœ—β‚±2490 + local sf
TYPE 3βœ”βœ—βœ”β‚±7980 + intl & local SF every merch box
TYPE 4βœ”βœ”βœ”β‚±9190 + intl & local SF every merch box
ARMY KIT ONLYself purchaseβœ”βœ—β‚±1350 + lsf
Merch box---β‚±650 each + lsf

Below are the prices & inclusions if items/membership will be purchased by customer themselves:

ARMY KIT ONLYself purchaseβœ”βœ—β‚±490 + lsf
Merch boxself purchaseβœ—self purchaseβ‚±490 each + lsf

**Please note that the price of fee for each merch box may differ by its release due to details such as weight / volume.

More information regarding all types are found in the form below.

PearlPop Premium Freebie Promo

Collect our premium holographic photocard freebies and claim loyalty rewards!Read through full terms & conditions and complete rewards list below:

how can I get the black premium photocard?

Our regular freebies are given in ordinary pasabuys, small group orders, tingis, etc. The regular freebie is commonly glittered with a purple back print (our original logo).The premium holo freebies are given during first pre-orders for, typically on new album pre-orders, DVDs, photobooks, etc. The premium freebie is laminated with a holographic design (can be different with hearts, sparkles, rainbow, snowflakes, etc.) and has a black back print version of our shop logo.

what rewards will I get?

(5) black premium photocards = free shipping on next order
(7) black premium photocards = claim Php300 discount voucher on your next order
(10) black premium photocards = claim surprise official BT21/BTS merch
**after 10 photocards, your count will reset and the same rewards will be applicable based on new quantity achieved.


1. Photographic proofs of your photocard collection shall be sent through direct message and we will verify its validity based on your order history with us. If your order history doesn't match the quantity of your photocards; it could be invalidated. Additionally, premium freebies acquired through shopee direct order are not eligible.
2. Claiming the free shipping promo will only be applicable to your next single order. An order counts as single if they are under the same order form/batch.
3. Php300 discount voucher are not applicable for items less than Php1000.
4. Attempt in replicating our premium photocard freebies will result into grave consequences.
5. The photocards are not transferrable. Actual owner may be tracked through checking the order history mentioned in term no. 1.
6. Premium photocards that are given from the same GO are accounted only up to a maximum of 1 point as the promo rewards loyalty and not bulk orders. This applies to resellers.
7. The shop is entitled to invalidating your promo claim if you have records of late payments, unjustified order cancellations/bogus buying.
8. The rewards shall be claimed, validated, and applied before your order is processed. Rewards are not applicable to orders that are already paid & in progress. So make sure the shipping fee/discount is applied before making a payment for your order as we will not process refunds to provide the reward.
9. The shop reserves the right to refuse promo claims for any unreasonably rude customer.